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Started in 2010, Food4buns was started to give rabbits and other herbivores a more natural diet without resorting to vitamins and chemicals. Like the organic trend with human food, we believe rabbits deserve the same.
Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, comments, or pictures of your adorable pets.

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The Beginning Of My Journey

I moved here from Germany and so I naturally "grew up" with different standards for bunnies, which are actually quite different regarding, housing/space, health care and bonding. In the U.S. bunnies are still considered "poultry" not pets. To have your bunny treated you need to look for an "exotic" vet ... if you ask me, it's strange that the third most common and popular pet in America is called "exotic". Although they are certainly very special 😊

After moving to the U.S. I searched the internet for days to find the kind of hay and herbs my bunnies had loved so much in Germany. After weeks I tumbled over a wholesaler from quite a different branch and after reading so much about pellet food in forums here I decided to offer my own herbal and flower potpourri.

A Better Solution

A high quality pellet surely contains many vitamins and fiber but in a healthy wide range diet where would be the need for it? Although there are racoons and other animals strolling over the lawns at night making the grass unhealthy for our bunnies, there are still ways to provide them with a great yummy diet without pellets.

America talks organic and then you see commercials for fruit shakes providing you with the necessary vitamins, when you could simply eat the fruit you itself. It is the same thing.

Although our life is hectic and stressful, it is my firm belief that because our pets cannot choose what to eat we have to take the time to make not the fast, but the healthy decision for them...

We Meet Eddi

I discovered my love for bunnies many years ago when I was a teenager. There was no internet and living on the countryside naturally makes getting info hard. So although Charly had enough room to roam he lived alone on the balcony.

6 years ago then my bunny girl Eddi moved in.

We bought her at a pet store unfortunately, we simply didn't know where else to buy a bunny. Shelters in Germany work differently. Most of the time there are not so many small animals there and no pet gets euthanized (unless there's no other to help) so no big campaigns take place to educate people not to buy from pet stores.

However, Eddi got a really big playpen in our living room. It must have been around 75 square foot. Still...after a couple of weeks I noticed that Eddi became less active. She wasn't sick, she was just missing company. And although we were playing with her and petting her we couldn't be there 24/7 especially not at night when the house was dark and silent.

Jango to the Rescue

We did the bonding in a way most German rabbit savvy vets will tell you not to: we set their play pens up side by side and switched litter boxes, toys and in the end phase even switched them.

I had big weekend plans to finally make the bonding work (2 weeks had passed). And then on that Saturday morning we found her lying in his playpen relaxing by the litter box.

So we took away the fence in the middle. It took them a couple of hours to figure it out.

The truth is if no biting and just chasing occurs within the first hours it will very likely be fine. Just have some thick gloves ready in case you have to intervene and pay close attention for the first couple of hours. Some people do night-shift to make sure.

They needed of course one or two weeks to actually start cuddling but since they seemed to like each other from the start.

A lost loved one, and a new friend

Two and a half years later Betty moved in after Eddi had tragically died of a pulmonary embolism.

Betty was a baby and there was no real bonding. Jango saw her and licked her nose through the fence. We took away the playpen around her and let her out. No fighting, no nothing. Just love on first sight ❤️

That's our story, let's hear yours

Pets enrich our lives. I'd love to hear your story.

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