Meet our happy clients

I love hearing from our customers and their wonderful pets. We hope you enjoy these pictures of our extended family. You can send your pictures to

Meet Wally, Mitzi, Bart, and Bob

Thank you Maureen from NJ for sending us these pictures of your adorable chinchillas! I heard Wally, Mitzi, Bob and Bart are huge fans of dried herbs and flowers! Aren’t they the cutest? 😍

wally mitzy
bart bob

Britta from Los Angeles

Thank you Britta M. from Los Angeles for sending us happy bunny pictures! I heard the flowers are “vacuumed” away 😉

britta1 britta2

Flat Bonnie

Flat Bonnie stealing the “real” bunnies’ secret stash 😉


Michiko’s Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs love flowers and herbs as well! :-)
Thank you Michiko V. from San Diego for sending us these cute pictures!

Benji digging in 😋


Henry Dirty Moouf 😊


Malcolm - decided to look pretty instead 😉


Pets enrich our lives. I’d love to hear your story.

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