Never Alone!

Never Alone!

Rabbits need friends too

Bunnies are very social animals and are only entirely happy living as a couple or in a group. So from the occasional "loner" that maybe wasn't properly socialized growing up or experienced some kind of trauma, bunnies will be happier as a couple.
What we hear very often is that people are afraid that their bunny will not be as tame once he/she is bonded with a partner. This is not true. After many years of bunny experience and a lot of contact with bunny parents all over the world, I’ve never heard that a bunny didn’t want to cuddle anymore after they got a partner.
There are bunnies that like to cuddle, and bunnies that don’t. This sometimes changes during their puberty stage, but if they love being pet that will not change with a bunny partner.

Friends Forever

Bunnies need a partner of their own species to “chat with” and to groom their fur & ears, to cuddle, and to play around with. No human can really take that place. I like to think of it like spending my life among elephants…it would be fun, but extremely lonely.
Bunnies that have a partner are happier and healthier. After all, they teach each other. If one bunny, for instance, doesn’t like eating a certain veggie then you will be surprised how that will change over time; it is very likely that after seeing his/her buddy munching on something yummy, the other bunny will want that exact same veggie as well.
It is also a big plus to have a partner when one bunny gets ill because they do “care” for each other, and the sick bunny will have much higher ambition to get healthy again.

Prey Animals

It is not enough for a bunny to live with a guinea pig, cat, or dog. It’s not the same species and they do not speak the same language.

Guinea pigs are rather noisy at times, which can freak out the rabbits into hurting them. Cats and dogs are also not proper buddies for bunnies. They can make good friends but it should always be kept in mind that rabbits are prey animals - and cats and dogs are predators.

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