Happy customers!


"Katrin is, hands down, the best pet sitter we have ever had. She certainly checks all the boxes required in any good sitter: attentive, responsible, playful, etc. But beyond that, she is a truly intuitive, empathetic, and nurturing caregiver. More than once she gave me key advice on how to know if my bunny’s stomach might be bothering him, even when outwardly he was showing no obvious signs, telling me how I could help massage the little guy, or what remedies might help.
It always makes it a little easier to leave my furry friends if I know Katrin is there for them. They love her dearly and she always has such great insight on their personalities and behaviors. I can tell she really does form special bonds with them."
Andrea D. - Tarzana, CA
"I have had Katrin come by for several trips now over the years to look after my Cats when I am out of town. She is always willing to come by and feed them, provide any medication they may need and make sure their water is full, etc.  Not only does she do this but she also spends time with them, playing with them and making sure they know someone cares and that they are not abbandoned!  This is an added benefit that is most appreciated and it really makes a difference knowing they have some companionship. 
She is most knowledgable about animals of all sorts and has genuine love for them. She checks in with me and provides updates and any information that I might need or want to make me feel good about them while I’m out of town. 
Wether your trip is long or short Katrin is just great with animals and I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of any petsitting services.  It really makes my trip less stressful knowing she is keeping an eye on them!"
David C - Granada Hills, CA


"Katrin is one of the best animal people I know – she’s super knowledgeable and truly cares for my little fur-babies. She always makes sure that they’re comfortable, have enough room to roam & play, and eat the right things. My baby boy ChuChu (who crossed the rainbow bridge in February) and now my baby girl Hana are always happy to be with Katrin while I’m away, and there’s no one I trust more to watch over them while I’m gone. I’ve also learned quite a few things from her too, to give my buns their best life and we couldn’t be happier. I’m so thankful for her being so wonderful with my babies and the knowledge she’s shared with me!"

 Kaye Salvador - Woodland Hills, CA






Chico was a neighbor's dog that I used to take for walks several times a week because his humans got older and couldn't keep up with his energy anymore.