Health Check!

Health Check

Bunnies hide illnesses well as they are afraid to be left out of the group. Therefore you should always pay close attention for possible health issues!

Daily Check:
• Is every bunny there for feeding time?
• Are they alert and interested in their surroundings?
• Do they move normally and are they active?



When a bunny appears different or if you encounter signs of disease while doing the health check a visit to the vet is vital - we do not recommend to wait for answers in forums or to try to treat your bunnies yourself!

Weekly Check:
• Their weight. A big change in their weight points to an illness (teeth problems, infections, stress).
• Search their fur for bald or scabbed spots. If you find any it points to mites or fungus infestation. Bunnies shed their fur at least twice a year, shedding a lot is normal then but never should you find bald spots.
• Their eyes. Are they clean and clear? (Never clean their eyes with chamomile, it will dry them out and cause infection.)
• Their incisors. They must be in the right ankle so that they can wear off properly.
• Their lips. Do they have scabbed sports? It could be lip scurf, often a deficiency symptom.
• Their nails. Are they too long they have to be trimmed. Never just cut away. If you do it for the first time please have your rabbit savvy vet show you how.
• Are the ears clean and without scalls? There are so called ear mites that only settle inside the ears causing scalls and itchiness.
• Are the genitals clean? If it is dirty or clotted the bunny could have diarrhea. Pay careful attention! Is the bunny eating and appearing normal? If not a visit to the vet is a must ASAP!
• Check the bunny for tumors or abscesses to catch them early.