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"Althaea officinalis"

 (Cut and Sifted)

It is indigenous to Europe, Western Asia and North Africa. Used in herbalism and as an ornamental plant. A confection made from the root in ancient Egypt evolved into today's marshmallow treat. However, the marshmallows of today do not contain marshmallow root anymore.  

The leaves, flowers and root have been used in traditional herbal medicine. It is traditionally used as relief for irritation of the mucus membranes.

Therefore, it can be given in small amounts when needed or purchased in our Achoo Mix as an ingredient.

Chinchillas love Marshmallow Root but it should be offered sparingly as it contains high levels of Vitamin A. However, it also provides Vitamin B and Thiamine which is essential to chinchillas.

Please keep always in mind when you serve your pet new food:

Some animals need their time to smell and try it since a lot of them have never smelled a flower or certain herbs before. 
We, however, found that most bunnies and other critters digged our flower mixes right away. :-)
Start with a 1oz bag unless you KNOW your pet loves that kind of treat since we do not offer refunds, exchange or returns on food.
Please note that depending on the time of harvest and weather conditions the color and size of the items may vary.

Item does not include bowl.


Please note that some of these herbs like dandelions, red clover and nettles contain a larger amount of calcium compared to other herbs or flowers. In their fresh state some of these herbs may be diuretic but if you have an animal with bladder stones or issues with bladder sludge we suggest to consult your vet before offering these as treats.

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