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Timothy grass lollipop


Timothy grass lollipops with Calendulas, Rosebuds and Myosotis (Forget me not). 

Calendulas are detoxifying and anti-inflammatory. The Forget me not Flower may boost the immune system and Rosebuds can help calm the G.I. tract. 

Please be advised that these are treats and are not to be fed on a daily basis but as an occasional treat to bond with your furry or for enrichment. 

These come individually packaged to keep them fresh and lock in the nutrition. 


Please note that some of these herbs like dandelions, red clover and nettles contain a larger amount of calcium compared to other herbs or flowers. In their fresh state some of these herbs may be diuretic but if you have an animal with bladder stones or issues with bladder sludge we suggest to consult your vet before offering these as treats.

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